Starting small and thinking big.

The journey continues.

Pulp began in 2013 as a little juice and smoothie bar in the gym at City Creek. From the get-go we offered only good, clean ingredients with no sugar added. It quickly became clear that we weren’t the only ones in Salt Lake City who wanted healthier food and drink options on the go. So we spent six months developing our menu, working with healthy fats like cashew cream as an alternative to dairy and playing with creative new flavor profiles and recipes.


In 2015, we opened our flagship Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen store downtown on Gallivan Avenue. After getting the hang of things, we opened another one in Sandy and eventually our new headquarters and commissary in the Liberty Wells District. And there’s so much more goodness to come for Pulp Lifestyle Kitchen.

All of us at Pulp are constantly changing and evolving—looking for ways to become better versions of ourselves and improve our business. For example, to cut back our use of plastic we began brewing instead of bottling our own ginger ale, which we now serve on tap at all of our locations. We also changed the flour in our Pulp crackers from rice to garbanzo bean because it’s higher in protein and fiber. And we switched from vegetable oil to rice bran oil because it’s rich in vitamin E, aids in weight loss and has been proven to lower cholesterol. It all goes to show that, just like you, Pulp is only going to keep getting better.

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