Pulp is more than just our name

It’s our belief in using every bit of our ingredients — and ourselves — in what we do each day. It’s about fresh, nourishing foods combined in uniquely delicious dishes you won’t find anywhere else in town. It’s also a sustainable approach that involves making sure nothing goes to waste.
Quite literally, Pulp comes from the cold-pressed juices we make around the clock. We put the leftover fruit and vegetable pulp straight into our savory turkey meatballs. Our signature veggie patties. Even our crunchy Pulp crackers and kale chips. All of which we can therefore serve at surprisingly affordable prices for such high-quality ingredients.

We all have room to grow.

It’s an increasingly familiar feeling. The one where you don’t want to waste another minute of your life as anything less than your best self. The realization of what a difference nutrition makes on everything from your digestion to your state of mind.
Whether you’re dealing with food sensitivities, training for a half-marathon, doing a juice fast, eating vegan, exploring paleo or just trying to feel better, you’re looking for a healthy snack. A wholesome meal. And a fresh chance to grow from the inside™.
That’s the essence of Pulp. Plain and simple. It’s the idea that what you put into your body has a big impact on who you are and what you have to give to the world. And the fact that personal growth and transformation are an inside job, starting with the food you eat each day.

It just feels different here.

Pulp is a bright, upbeat environment that’s bursting with positivity. So you can settle in and soak up the goodness, surrounded by our wall of wheatgrass, vibrant potted plants, cheerful local chalk art and a homegrown playlist from our team. Then go out and explore your own brilliant possibilities.

Always looking ahead.

From the start, we’ve been committed to organic, locally sourced produce when it’s in season, as well as free-range chicken and wild-caught, sustainably raised fish. We make many of our ingredients ourselves, but when we can’t, we partner with like-minded local companies like Sünnte for our kombucha and Publik for our coffee.
We’re all about reducing, reusing and recycling—and aiming for zero impact on our environment. So we make the most of every ingredient in our food. Seek out existing spaces in need of new life for our stores. And, as of 2019, we’re eliminating single-use plastic in favor of Polylactic Acid (PLA) packaging made from corn material that composts within 240 days.

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